Telehealth + Covid 19 


No matter how this pandemic has affected your life, no one should have to endure this hardship alone. Central Valley Family Therapy is proud to offer telehealth services for our patients here in Fresno, CA, as well as in our locations across the Central Valley and Northern California. Our telehealth services are a permanent resource for those individuals and families that struggle attending consistent in person sessions. 

Central Valley Family Therapy uses a secure, fully confidential, HIPAA compliant video platform through Simple Practice.  Simple Practice makes it easy for us to connect with just a few clicks without sacrificing quality or risking your privacy.  

Teletherapy sessions are easy to set up and scheduled for your convenience.  You can meet with your therapist any time during our usual hours and in the safety and comfort of your home or office, and the sessions last the same amount of time.  

You will need to have a decent internet connection, along with a smartphone or computer with a webcam, to do a video chat session through Simple Practice.

After you get signed up, your therapist will send you a link via email so that you can join your session. At the time of the appointment, just click that link to be directed to your video session.  If at any point you are having trouble accessing your session or if you aren’t sure what to do next, please contact our main office at 559-691-6840.  Our team can help walk you through the steps and help you set up as needed. Please see the information below (including FAQ) for more information regarding how to prepare for your telehealth session.

                                                                                                                      COVID-19 Organization Response

                                                                                                                         UPDATE: November 5th, 2021

Central Valley Family Therapy (CVFT) remains committed to prioritizing the health and well-being of our clients, clinicians, guests, and their families. Unfortunately, The Center for Disease Control is reporting a local and nationwide increase in COVID cases & deaths, particularly among the unvaccinated, due to the delta variant. Despite the recent FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine and probable offering of the vaccine to children under 12 years old by the end of the year, the CDC does not anticipate cases and deaths to sufficiently decline until sometime in the spring of 2022.

In response to this public health concern, the CVFT team has decided to limit in-person visits until further notice to occasions of clinical necessity only and default the provision of CVFT services to telehealth or virtual meetings. All guests permitted by their CVFT clinician to visit the CVFT office will be required to wear a mask throughout their visit and encouraged to be mindful of social distancing and hand sanitizing. We believe these are necessary precautions to protect the CVFT clinicians, CVFT patients & guests, and the community.

Central Valley Family Therapy continues to regularly sanitize the CVFT office suite with cleaning and disinfecting procedures, especially for high traffic & frequent contact areas. Per CDC guidelines for healthcare providers, CVFT clinicians have been advised to get vaccinated, avoid physical contact, wear masks in common areas of the building or suite, wash their hands frequently, and sanitize their office room surfaces between any in-person appointments. We feel confident these measures will allow us to continue to provide a safe office environment where CVFT clinicians can comfortably and safely provide high quality services from the CVFT office.

As always, we wish you well and encourage you to take care of yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

Before the Telehealth Session Starts


  • Make sure you have a private space where you can be comfortable and limit disruptions for the entirety of your session. This may be in a bedroom, home office, closet, or even in your car in the driveway. (Please do not worry about clutter or messy surroundings as our focus is solely on the therapeutic relationship.
  • Do your best to schedule sessions at times when you can limit distractions. We understand that children and loved ones may be present due to school and business closures and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • The preferred equipment for Telehealth sessions is a laptop or desktop computer with a video camera and microphone. In cases where this is not available, sessions can be conducted with a smartphone or tablet. (If using a phone or tablet please be sure to secure it in a stable position.)
  • The use of earphones/buds plugged into the computer helps maintain privacy and improves sound.
  • Make sure all unnecessary web-browsers are closed and limit other streaming devises using wifi while in session.
  • Do your best to secure your computer and network with passwords to protect confidentiality.

Beginning a Session


  • You will receive an email with a unique video appointment link for our secure HIPPA compliant telehealth platform, SimplePractice. The link will bring you directly to the Telehealth platform.
  • Click on the JOIN VIDEO CALL button and you will be taken to a virtual waiting room until your therapist joins the session.
  • If you cannot locate the Appointment E-Mail and link, please call 559-691-6840 and we can resend the link right away. You can dial extension 100 to reach our office support staff or your clinician’s extension to reach them directly.
  • Please give your therapist 10 minutes to join the session before calling or texting.


What happens if the Telehealth technology fails or the session disconnects?

If you and your clinician are unable to reconnect in three minutes your therapist will call the phone number we have on file to continue the session by phone.

Do Telehealth sessions have a different rate than in-person sessions?

No. Telehealth and In-Person sessions are the same rate.

Is there any paperwork or approvals needed to engage in Telehealth?

Telehealth Consent forms will be sent out in addition to this form via your SimplePractice client portal.

Are telehealth sessions recorded?

No. Central Valley Family Therapy does not record sessions and clients are not permitted to record sessions without prior written consent.

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