Therapy for Parents

Parenting is complicated.  Many parents feel as you do, challenged by difficult behaviors and stressful environments. We work with parents to provide counseling, training, and therapy services designed to help parents to effectively support their child or teen as they navigate through their lives.

We understand that every child is different, and each child may have any number of issues throughout their growing years. We’ll work with you to understand your concerns for your child, and we aim to help you as you help your child grow, all the while improving the relationship between you and your child.

If you feel that you can benefit from counseling, you and your therapist will discuss your view of parenting your child, the role of the parental unit, how the parents are working together and how they can be more effective despite possible differences in temperament an parenting style.  We will collaborate and work with you to enhance the individual’s and the family’s quality of life while sharing their experiences and reflecting about their expectations as parents.

In these sessions, it is the role of the therapist to support you and help you to uncover, cope with, and overcome child-related problems.  Sessions will be customized on a family-by-family basis, in order to cater to their specific needs, obstacles, and the dynamics of their relationships. During our sessions we will talk about what is causing stress and what is going well. We will review the family’s values, household rules, organize the family’s routines and implement a coherent plan that includes tools for motivation, rewards and consequences.

As parents we all share a common goal: to make family life better and more enjoyable. Parenting sessions focus on the implementation of positive methods of discipline and on improving the connection between parents and their children.

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With locations all over Central and Northern California, our practice specializes in treating individuals, couples and families, and through years of experience, we are confident that no problem is too great to overcome.

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